Sugarloaf Peak

Historic Resource

Westworld Oil & Gas Corporation held the project from 1981-1983 and conducted the first exploration for gold on the project. Work included geologic mapping, collection of rock and soil samples, and reverse circulation drilling. Drilling, conducted in 1983, included 764 m (2,505 feet) in 10 holes to maximum depth of 78 m (255 feet). Several holes bottomed in mineralization.

Westworld's work resulted in finding "widespread disseminated gold mineralzation" in a broad surface anomaly 600-1,200 m wide and 2,100 m long (2,000-4,000 feet wide and 7,000 feet long), with drilling suggesting a non-43-101-compliant, conceptual potential resource of "about 100 million tons containing 1.5 million ounces gold and 25 million ounces silver" (Dausinger, 1983). This historical resource estimate is not compliant with NI 43-101 standards, is conceptual in nature, and has not been verified as a current mineral resource.

Gold Zone and Prophyry Targets Map

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