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During February, 2020, the Company completed site visits that included Karen Fann (President of the Arizona State Senate), Noel Campbell (State Congressional Representative), Bob Thorpe (State Congressional Representative), Tom Thurman (Yavapai County Supervisor), representatives of the town of Black Canyon City, and members of the Daisy Mountain Fire Department and Yavapai County Sheriff’s office. The purpose of the visits was to familiarize attendees with the Company’s drill operations, as well as measures undertaken to ensure protection of the local environment and community.

Figure 1.Neighbouring landowner, Marc Pais (CEO), Senator Karen Fann, Paul Reid (Chairman), David Smith (VP Exploration)
Figure 1.Neighbouring landowner, Marc Pais (CEO), Senator Karen Fann, Paul Reid (Chairman), David Smith (VP Exploration)

Following the tour, Senator Fann commented, “Arizona Metals Corp. is the kind of company and operation we want to see in rural Arizona. When you combine this thoughtful approach to doing things the right way with the potential this project has to ultimately create hundreds of jobs and dynamic economic activity, as the State Senator for this area, I am very excited to have this company and project in my district.”

State Representative Noel Campbell also expressed his support, “As a state representative of the legislative district in which you are operating, I care very much about the potential for job creation and economic activity that your project represents. But I also care about the quality of life of the citizens that I represent, so I appreciate all you are doing to work with the people that live in the area.”

Arizona House Representative, Bob Thorpe, stated, “As the co-chair of the Arizona Legislature’s Mining Caucus, as well as a state representative of a northern Arizona rural district just up the road from your project, I am delighted to see your project come to our state and thrilled at what might develop in the Black Canyon City area and beyond… I wholly appreciate and endorse your efforts and will do whatever I can to support the ultimate success of the operation and all the benefits it will bring to rural Arizona. I also appreciate the ethical and community sensitive approach your company brings to the project. And I have appreciated the way you have brought me and other public officials into the loop.”

Four men posing for a picture at a dig site
Figure 2. Marc Pais (CEO), Representative Bob Thorpe (Co-Chair of Arizona Mining Caucus, Representative Noel Campbell, Paul Reid (Chairman)

Representative Bob Thorpe Letter of Support
Representative Noel Campbell Letter of Support
Senator Karen Fann Letter of Support

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